Daily post: A twist

FROG: Mornin’, Princess.

PRINCESS: Oh! Good morning.

FROG: Shocked, are you? Vat’s a bit rude. Times have moved on, you know. Even a cat can look at a king – or in vis case, a frog can talk to a princess.

PRINCESS: I hardly think…

FROG: Specially when she’s plonked herself right by his own personal lily pond.

PRINCESS: But this is…

FROG: Mine, see. Vere’s a sign says so. ‘Frog’s Pond’, it says. Vat’s me.

PRINCESS: Well now that you point it out…

FROG: ‘Private’, it says, too. Could be chargin’ admission, I could.

PRINCESS: If you say so, of course, but I…

FROG: So come on, ven, gissa kiss.

PRINCESS: I beg your pardon!

FROG: You know! A pash. On me mouf.

PRINCESS: You must be joking!

FROG: Now vat’s not very kind, is it! Vat’s discrimination, vat is.

PRINCESS: But you’re…green!

FROG: See? Racism, pure and simple.

PRINCESS: …and…and squat!

FROG: Heightism, too. Not very royal, are you!

PRINCESS: But you’ve got…you’ve got…

FROG: Warts. I know. You fink I don’t know how repulsive I am?

PRINCESS: Well I wasn’t… you don’t…

FROG: You fink I don’t suffer every day, just lookin’ at meself in vis pond?

PRINCESS: I didn’t mean…

FROG: And it’s not my fault, is it? Accident of birf, it is. Genetic misfortune. And not even a princess can overlook it!

PRINCESS: Well if you put it like that…

FROG: Why not? It’s v’truf, innit?

PRINCESS: No of course not. It’s just…

FROG: So prove it, ven. Prove you’re different, come on. Gissa kiss.

PRINCESS: Well I suppose…

FX: Loud, smoochy kiss.

FROG: Vere! Vat wasn’t so bad, was it!

PRINCESS: Gribbit…


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