Daily post: Giggle with excitement? I don’t think so!

I don’t remember ever doing the “giggle with excitement” thing. Maybe it’s one of those habits not available to tall girls/women. There are plenty of them.

Hah! You didn’t think of that, did you, but it’s true. If you’re tall and female, restrictions apply. I learned this very early.
Scene: Me at kindergarten (three? four?) crying for my mum.
Teacher: Don’t cry. Look at Elizabeth, she’s not crying and she’s much smaller than you.
Me (sobbing): Yes but she’s older than me.

Not sure how I knew this, but it was true, and it went on from there. A childhood of being the tallest taught me that more is expected of you, you can’t lose yourself in the crowd, and doing girly stuff like jumping up and down and giggling with excitement makes you look like a giraffe with the palsy. Boys don’t want to know you – they’re usually shorter than you in their teens, and you’re bad for their egos (unless you’re blonde model material, and how many of us are?). And besides, by then you’ve probably cultivated an air of intimidating competence to hide the shattering realisation that short girls have first (and second) dibs on help and support.

This is a good thing to know once you reach adulthood. If you’re a tall woman, you cope or go under. No playing the helpless card for you. No one believes it. They laugh (or sneer) and move on, polishing their shining armour to dazzle the small and long-lashed who need their protection.

So… Did I ever giggle with excitement? Maybe. Before I went to kindergarten and Miss Cooper pointed out that certain things weren’t height-appropriate.

These days I laugh. Even tall birds can get away with that.

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1 Response to Daily post: Giggle with excitement? I don’t think so!

  1. Relax says:

    ROFL! I love it!

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