Daily post: Six words for the future

We all get older, I hope.

Life’s a series of whoda thunks, in my experience. I mean, whoda thunk mine would turn out as it did? In my teens, the road ahead had neon signs with flashing lights saying THIS WAY, and nary a side track in sight. Whoda thunk it was a dead-end?

So what I came to realise, as time went on, is that life is a game of cards with an infinite number of packs and an unpredictable number of wild cards. The only certainty is that one day it will end, so if you’ve got any sense, you make the most of it while you’re still playing.

Don’t expect it to be fair, because it isn’t. But it’s not unfair, either. It just is, and what matters is how you deal with it. Some of the other players will do better than you, some worse, and some will cheat and lie and jostle for position, but some will give you a break, as well. That’s the way it is.

One of the secrets to winning (if there is such a thing), is to know you’re happy now. This is harder than you think. We can all look back with dewy-eyed nostalgia at those moments, but nostalgia involves sadness, and if you embrace those moments while they’re happening, they’re little candles of delight still glowing in the darkest night.

So there you are, that’s me. The future will be a mixture of good, bad and indifferent as it always is, and as long as we keep living, my family and I, we’ll deal with it, as we always have.


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