Daily post: Toy story


This is Bod.

We met last year at Jamaica Inn on Bodmin Moor, and recognised each other immediately.

For a start, he didn’t belong. The other bears on the shelf were far more proper. They sat with both feet on deck, while Bod had a sneaky wriggle and kick in a moment of subtle rebellion.

Added to that, he looked hopeful: the look of a bear who knows what he wants but won’t ask, partly to avoid disappointment, but mostly in the belief that asking somehow diminishes the magic of getting.

I understand this completely. But it’s depressingly self-defeating, Bod.


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3 Responses to Daily post: Toy story

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  2. The Scribe says:

    What a lucky boy Bod is to have such a wise new owner. And a lovely new friend Barty too!!

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