Daily post: Practice makes perfect…

What a good thing I don’t want to be perfect at anything! Even the thought of all the practice required has me longing for a nap. I don’t want to be a dancer, a singer, an artist, a doctor, a lawyer or an Indian Chief. Neither do I want to fly a plane, make a killer sponge cake, prove the world is square or win Wimbledon. What a relief!

It’s possible that somewhere back in the mists of time I might have wanted a talent or two – a talent for making money would have been useful – but fish yearning for bicycles has never produced anything but unhappy fish.

It’s wonderful how much you learn as you get older.


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8 Responses to Daily post: Practice makes perfect…

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  4. Nerdy Woman says:

    Fascinating. There’s absolutely nothing you’d like to have an innate talent to do well? It’s never too late.

    But then, you do have a talent for writing and perhaps doing one thing very well is enough. Thank you for sharing this today.

  5. Hi Helen, can’t help feeling there’s a fish with a dream behind this philosophising? Anne Stenhouse

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