Daily post: Language 2100? Don’t want to know

The language of the future: what will it be like?

I have no idea what the language of the future will be like – and thank god for that. If the present trend continues, we might have reverted to grunting. Even that would be better than the obvious alternative: a heap of ugly gobbledegook, probably devoid of all those luscious words like hullabaloo and serendipity. It would make me weep.

Yes, I’m as guilty as the next person of sloppy usage in speech. And yes, there’ll always be spin-off language cultures: teen-speak, street-speak, poli-speak and now techno-speak will go on forever. And colloquialisms. Australia’s got a few colourful ones of those. We gave you budgie smugglers, after all. But none of that excuses grammatical howlers and the misuse of words from those who ought to know better and/or use language for a living. Don’t they have a responsibility to get it right? But then ‘responsibility’ is a dirty word these days, isn’t it.

The English language is beautiful, full of natural rhythm and subtle nuance. Evolution is one thing. Corruption is something else again.


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6 Responses to Daily post: Language 2100? Don’t want to know

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  5. Rhett says:

    agree totz

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