Weekly writing challenge: The flapping wings of the American financial butterfly


OK, so I’m not American, and you have every right to object to my commenting on the ‘living history’ currently unfolding in the US. But on the other hand, America is the most influential country in the world, and what happens there affects the rest of us whether we like it or not. President Bush’s declaration of ‘the war on terror’, for example, had repercussions around the globe. The butterfly flapping its wings on Wall Street in 2008 brought the global economy to its knees. The current situation could have similar results. If this happens, my already meagre income…

America is proud of being World No 1 – and why not? Who wouldn’t be? But privilege entails responsibility: the responsibility to use that privilege wisely, honourably, and with compassion. Role models have a responsibility to be worthy of the job. So for one small sector of the world’s most powerful government to hold the country to ransom – to bring the nation, and thus the world, to the brink of financial chaos – is an outrage that defies description.

For that sector to behave in this fashion over the issue of affordable health care beggars belief.

To the rest of the Western world, affordable health care is such an integral part of responsible government that while methods of providing it might cause controversy from time to time, the fact of its existence is beyond question. Yes, it costs a lot. And yes, it’s sometimes cumbersome. But to tie medical treatment to personal wealth is a piece of blatant classism completely unworthy of the world’s top nation – particularly as it is currently enforced by a small group whose personal incomes guarantee them top line, streamlined, luxury health care to have their ingrown toenails removed, let alone their heart valves replaced.

Medical science has progressed at an amazing rate in the past fifty years, thanks in large part to the brilliant research carried out in American labs. What a tragic irony that American citizens should be the ones denied its benefits.

And shame on those unscrupulous few who care so little for the welfare of their less fortunate countrymen that they will disregard it to further their own agenda.


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4 Responses to Weekly writing challenge: The flapping wings of the American financial butterfly

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  2. It’s infuriating! Who votes for these nuts?!

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