Daily post: ‘Fire’ is the new ‘No’…

…which is eerily, tragically appropriate for NSW, my Australian home state, where 62 bushfires are burning, 13 of them out of control, and winds of up to 100kph are expected tomorrow.

The most ferocious fire is in the Blue Mountains just west of Sydney. More than 200 homes are confirmed lost,
hundreds more properties have been damaged, and countless numbers of residents have been evacuated to temporary shelters.

On what was in theory a clear spring day in Sydney yesterday, pungent, acrid smoke sat like a malevolent pea soup fog, blotting out landmarks and filling lungs.

Please spare a thought for those who have lost not only bricks and mortar, but all the reminders of their past identities – the photographs, the documents, the family mementos and sentimental keepsakes that tell the stories of our lives.

And spare a second thought for the hundreds of fire fighters, grimy, exhausted, at times terrified, many of them volunteers, who will nevertheless keep fighting until it’s over.


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6 Responses to Daily post: ‘Fire’ is the new ‘No’…

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  3. Relax says:

    Praying for your Australia.

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