Daily post: Pep talk to politicians everywhere

We all know someone who could use a pep talk… so write them one!

If you would only grow more peas,
you’d govern with more expertise.
Unquestionably, to my mind,
gardening of this productive kind
fulfils the soul to such extent
that those of erstwhile niggling bent
find in themselves perspective, where
before was only bone and hair.

If politicians forked the soil
and nurtured worms with love and toil
and pushed in seeds and fought off snails
and gathered dirt beneath their nails,
they’d see that life is not about
which faction may be in or out,
or scrounging votes, or gestures grand
on matters they don’t understand,
or rhetoric, or weighty pause,
or meddling – never mind the cause:
that life is coaxing beans to grow
and golden pumpkin flowers to show
and squash to swell and mint to start
and lettuces to form a heart,
until a Harvest Festival
within occurs, and best of all
in-fighting seems to have become
less interesting than rain and sun.

When I am filled with raging doubts
I look upon my Brussels sprouts
and find an inward peace. But then
we know You’re not as other Men.
Perhaps for You we’ll find we need
a new, unique and hybrid breed –
to calm and soothe the uptight poli,
a giant, glittering, gas-filled cauli.


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  14. Relax says:

    ROFL! Love it!

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