Joining a few more dots

Hey! The same website that treated me to world-shattering pics of Justin Bieber sleeping has now told me that gastric banding will improve the sex life of its recipients! OMG! That is so fascinating! Never mind that some of us might have seen it as a bit of a no-brainer, this is university research we’re talking here, so it has to be valuable! Right?

And wait! There’s more! How about that cockroach app? It’ll introduce kids to neurological science! How brilliant is that? So what if they have to stick the cockroach in icy water, sand off its shell to glue electrodes on its head and then shove a needle through its body? Once it’s done, they can run it around like a remote-controlled car. That is so cool! Sort of like pulling wings off flies…

But um… Hang on. Wouldn’t these projects have cost money? I mean – lots of money? Would it be bold to enquire whether there might have been a worthier cause?

Just asking…

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