Daily post: No – or yes, as the mood takes me

Think about something that drives you crazy. Now, think about something that makes you happy. Does it change your perspective on the former?

Would I be so fickle?

If something drives me crazy at a bone-deep, ethically-indefensible, dangerously-stupid level, no amount of happy-thinking is going to dampen my outrage. It might distract me, temporarily, and I’m more than happy to be convinced that I’m wrong – outrage is very tiring – but don’t bother bombarding me with self-righteous twaddle and spurious justifications. You’ll need a logical argument or three. Bone-deep crazy isn’t my default position; I’ve arrived at it after careful inner debate, and puny waffling just isn’t going to cut it.

Which brings me to the flipside. With considerable practice, I’ve now learned to dismiss those things that aren’t worth the effort of outrage. Life is full of minor irritations. I irritate myself often enough. That’s the way it is.

Having an ulcer would cause me considerable craziness.

Not worth the risk.


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