Daily post: Chance would be a fine thing

Imagine, in great detail, an invention that could help reverse pollution — describe for us how your invention works and how it will help save the planet.

Under any other Landlord and Tenant agreement, we would have been evicted from the planet years ago for property damage, and given the number of prominent tenants who still refuse to take delivery of the warnings, it seems likely that sooner rather than later, we’ll be given the heave-ho and that will be that. Serve us right.

The only way to avoid this, as far as I can see, would be to implant a moral pacemaker into every tenant, programmed to deliver nasty shocks for acts contravening the Code of Responsible Tenancy.

There are two major and immediate problems with this.

Firstly, by the time our Great and Not Very Good leaders reached even a watered-down, inadequate and thus necessarily flawed compromise on what should constitute such a Code, it would inevitably be too late.

Secondly – and again inevitably – those who consider themselves far too superior to be bound by the petty rules governing lesser mortals, would find a way to buck the system. Secret societies would be formed to bribe, brainwash or otherwise terrorise selected scientists into producing counter-gadgets to turn the pacemakers off, and a whole new SS/KGB/CIA-style elite would emerge to hoola their happy way to unlimited power and even greater riches – which they would probably use to annihilate protestors with chemical and nuclear weapons of mass destruction (all in the name of the Greater Good) thus getting the whole messy eviction business done and dusted in one fell swoop.

Cynical? Moi? Never let it be said…


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