Daily prompt: Don’t make me curl my lip

What is your least favorite personal quality in others? Extra points for sharing your least favorite personal quality in yourself.

Oh yes! Hours of entertainment, here. Shame I don’t have hours in which to be entertained, given I’ve got several squillion things to do before tomorrow – Sydney – Christmas.

But here’s a quick rundown.

Arrogance comes pretty high. Those who think they’re God’s gift to us lesser mortals, and their every utterance is a pearl before swine. I look at them sometimes and think, you stupid, pea-brained, snotty bastard, if you knew what I really thought of you, you’d shrivel and die. Except that they wouldn’t, because my opinion is so much dross beneath their superior feet. So I smile and nod, and they’re happy to think I’m stupid. Ho hum.

Self-righteousness. Now that makes me grit my teeth and raises the hairs on my neck. There’s arrogance in that as well: the self-righteous thump their chests to drown the noise of their hobnailed boots trampling the rights of others. And what’s with this emphasis on rights anyway? What happened to responsibility?

Sanctimoniousness. You really think God’s fooled by this spurious spoutage of piety? The rest of aren’t. Just nauseated.

Simpering. Get over yourselves, ladies. Men might be fooled, but other women know that under that oh-so-sweet eyelash bashing, you’ve got claws like a cat and a will of pure cast iron. Still, I guess if it gets you what you want, who am I to argue? Just don’t do it near me. I’m likely to curl my lip. It’s a reflex action.

Self-centredness. Now that’s a bit of a doozy. We’re all self-centred to a point. It’s past that point that it becomes manipulative, destructive and downright ugly.

As for the extra points… I’m not sanctimonious and I don’t simper, but other than that – pick a fault, any fault, and I’ve probably got the t-shirt neatly folded in the cupboard. Or if I haven’t yet, I will have.


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