Daily prompt: Happiness

What does “happiness” look like to you?
Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPPY.

While you’ve all been shivering and cursing in your various places of residence, I’ve been entertaining sixteen of my immediate family in the surf, sun, salt and sand of mine.


Now that’s happiness!

They’ve all visited me before, but never en masse – my four kids, their partners and eight grandchildren. How good is that? Not all staying in my 2 br apartment, of course, (only four of them) but all within a couple of minutes. And since I now live in the small seaside town where my children and I spent two weeks of all their childhood summers, there was no dithering around, sussing it out or otherwise acclimatising required. It was off to the beach1551562_10153726753245157_1862643615_n[1] home for lunch (and maybe a nap), back to the beach, cricket in the back yard while the dinner cooked (or the fish and chip order was collected) and a quick walk to the ice cream shop every second evening before exhausted small children fell into bed. After which the older ones played Pictionary and adults put their feet up on the back veranda and sipped wine as the sun went down, recouping their strength to do it all again tomorrow.

And if you’re wondering whether I know how lucky I am – I do. Absolutely. It was their idea, and they’ve booked again for next year!


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Happiness

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  4. Monicle says:

    As I read this the sun just rising on 35 cm of snow, blowing winds and frigid arctic temperatures. Oh, how I envy you!

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