Daily prompt: Jump off the cliff and fly

Tell us about a time when everything actually turned out exactly as you’d hoped.

Chucked my job, sold up in Sydney, moved 500km north, happy as a pig in mud.

Back beach

Back beach

There you are. All it’s cracked up to be in a nutshell.

Except that it wasn’t cracked up to be anything but disaster in any mind but mine. And my family’s, although I’m sure they held their collective breath. And who can blame them? It looked like madness: single, sixty, jobless, moneyless, friendless in my new abode. Had she finally lost the plot?

But no. I was heading for where I’d always wanted to be, to do what I’d always wanted to do.

Buzz in a bubble

Buzz in a bubble

It was up to me to make it work, and if it didn’t… What’s new? Very few things in my life had turned out as planned, and you deal with it because what’s the alternative?

The naysayers were vocal, but eyebrow if not word. What ifs flew like misplaced apostrophes. But they saw the efficient business manager, the involved parent. What did they know of the inner life I’d lived for years? Of my well-tempered ability to live on a caraway seed and fly by the seat of my financial pants? Of the happy loner lurking behind the facade of professional camaraderie? My children had all made lives of their own, and the last thing I wanted was to turn out like my mother-in-law – a selfish, interfering old cow depending on her children to make her life worth living. And despite appearances, I’m not entirely stupid. I did my sums. Tight, but not impossible.

Burning your bridges… Putting all your eggs in one basket… Jumping off a cliff… Not generally recommended, but maybe, like so many things, it’s all about attitude. Do your sums, pick your moment, jump – and flap your wings like buggery til you catch the updraft.

Galah in flight - The Australian Museum

Galah in flight – The Australian Museum


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6 Responses to Daily prompt: Jump off the cliff and fly

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  5. angelaseager says:

    Yeh…I can relate to this! I wanted to leave cloudy grey Britain for warmer climes, 10 months later I knew it wasn’t for me, but I had a blast exploring. Now blogging with focus on my images captured during the time…so many pictures, so many stories…it’s rather overwhelming, hence the reason for signing up to the Writing101 course! Thanks for sharing…

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