Daily prompt: Close encounters of the thoroughly unmemorable kind

Who was the first person you encountered today? Write about him or her

Have to dig deep for that one.
Yes, well… Aah…Hmm… Thinking…thinking…

Depends what you mean by encountered, really. The first to impinge on my consciousness today (which is now yesterday owing to the time difference) was a collective mentally identified as Britney (don’t ask). These are the people (numbers still uncertain after about 10 years) who turn up for two weeks every January to occupy the two holiday apartments at right angles to mine (which isn’t a holiday apartment since I live here all year, mostly in solitary splendour outside the tourist season).

Today (yesterday) being Saturday and therefore changeover day for holiday lets, it was time for Britney to depart – all however-many of them, in two cars pulling trailers heavily laden with luggage topped by numerous kayaks, the loading of which took all hands on deck at some unconscionable hour in the morning, right under my bedroom window.

Having been thus thrust unceremoniously into the day, I moseyed about, ‘encountered’ numerous people I didn’t know on way to beach, in surf, on way home etc, and settled back to encounters of the fictional kind, all very satisfying.

But not, you might say, wildly exciting for the whole two of you waiting with bated breath for my detailed description of yesterday’s luckiest person: the he/she with the world-shattering good fortune of being my first encounter of the day.

Yep, I admit it. I have no idea why encountering me makes anyone lucky. Am I the all-singing, all-dancing answer to anyone’s boredom blues? No. Am I the ultimate spiritual guru dispensing Wisdom and the Meaning of Life? Not to my knowledge. Do I go about scattering million-dollar bills like rose petals? I’m sure you’d have heard before now if that were the case.

The truth is, it’s very unlikely that anyone I encountered yesterday would even have registered my existence.

Sorry, folks. You’ll have to touch the hem of someone else’s caftan.


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Close encounters of the thoroughly unmemorable kind

  1. Die Trying says:

    Very interesting post, thoroughly enjoyed as usual:)

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  3. I wonder if cats count?!

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