Daily prompt: Limericks

Publish a post in the style of a favorite author/blogger or photographer

Edward Lear didn’t invent limericks, but he certainly made them famous. And they’re fun to write.

If you don’t want a pet that’s excessive
Or messy or loud or aggressive,
Then dear little fleas
Might be just the bee’s knees –
And so cute and alert and expressive!

‘We are what we eat,’ said the guru,
‘So take time to ponder it. Do you
Prefer to be eggs
Or green veggies on legs,
Or is fruitcake more meaningful to you?’

If you only eat food that’s fat-free
Without sugar or salt, seems to me
That your heart may survive
To a hundred and five
But your spirit will die of ennui.

A young man from outback Walkatchem
Said ‘Families? There’s nothing to match ‘em.
They’re fixtures, post natum,
And love ‘em or hate ‘em,
It’s not de rigueur to despatch ‘em.’

It seems the political beast
Sees the truth as a moveable feast
Excused on the basis
Of homeostasis
But I’m not convinced in the least.

Politicians worldwide believe God
Is on their side, which strikes me as odd.
They keep Him so busy
He must get quite dizzy
Delivering both sides the nod.


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Limericks

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  2. Relax says:


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  6. anawnimiss says:

    Oh I loved reading these! Any more where these came from?

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