Daily prompt: The joys of anonymity

When was the last time you were embarrassed? How do you react to embarrassment?

One big downside of flying under the radar and keeping your mouth shut is that when you deviate from the norm, it’s likely to cause rabid-onset foot-in-mouth syndrome: the inner squirming, the continuous loop of the conversational rerun, the negative analysis of every word that fell from you treacherously open mouth. Worms in the brain, chomping holes in every bit of spurious confidence that might have led you to this lapse in the first place. Do I blush? I’ve no idea. I’m not about to face myself in the mirror, am I?

Nonsense! you think. This brash bird who opens her blogging mouth even on subjects that are none of her business? But yes. It’s all too shamefully true.

That’s the second reason I like blogging: even my name is delightfully anonymous, if you see what I mean. For all practical purposes, you’ve no idea who I am and care even less. If (when) I make a fool of myself, I don’t run the risk of seeing you in the street. Yes, I’m a tough old bat, but everyone has their Achilles heel. I can pretend, online, that mine doesn’t exist. And who knows? It might even rub off on reality.

The first reason I like blogging is that it keeps me writing, and writing makes me happy. I’d like to be writing my next novel, but so far, all attempts have foundered on the rocks of inadequate plot and an overabundance of self-criticism. My big mistake was sending the first one out to agents, and having it come back classified as ‘enjoyable, but lacking the Wow factor’. If I’d stuck to my original intention of only writing for fun, I could have gone on ignoring the fact that writers are only half alive without the validation of readers. I might even have called myself a writer without blushing.


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6 Responses to Daily prompt: The joys of anonymity

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  4. anawnimiss says:

    Anonymity is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? *smiles*

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