Daily prompt: Green’s my favourite colour, but…

We all get jealous from time to time — what wakes the green-eyed monster for you?

Envious – yes. Jealous? No, not that I remember. Maybe I’ve just got a rotten memory, but I don’t think so – although my second last boss did tell people ‘he’d had to let me go because I was showing signs of early Alzheimer’s.’ (In fact I’d resigned.) But that was 20 odd years ago and I don’t need a carer yet, so – surprise! – I guess he was wrong. (Wonder if I could still sue him?)

The thing is, ‘jealous’ implies a level of rivalry and resentment – a belief that other people have things you have more right to or deserve more than they do. Nah. As the youngest of three, I knew my place in the pecking order very early: the bottom. So I guess I didn’t grow up with a rampant sense of entitlement. If other people get what you’d like, that’s life, kid. Suck it up. One way or another, they’re bigger, better or more deserving than you.

Envy is different. Envy is wanting a dollop of what they’ve got without depriving them of it. For example, I’d rather like a dollop of financial security about now. I envy people who don’t flinch when they pay the bills.

But on the other hand, it’s a glorious day, 28C, and I’m about to go for a swim. I bet lots of people envy me that.

Them’s the breaks, you can’t have it all, etc etc…


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16 Responses to Daily prompt: Green’s my favourite colour, but…

  1. Mark Rodgers says:

    I certainly envy you. Its 6 months since I sat on our balcony and used the silver table and chairs. In Ireland we get used to looking out of windows as we wait for temperatures to reach double digits! Even in the height of summer you enter the water with a wet suit and someone stands by with a cotton towel to wrap you in on your return. Sometimes a glass of Jamerson’s Irish whiskey is needed, served with hot water and a slice of lemon to revive you. I bet you don’t even need the wet suit.

  2. bkpyett says:

    So true, yours is a glass half full! Better to dwell on what we have, rather than the difficulties….

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  4. I do, I do! I used to love living near the sea when I lived in Oz, a wee bit envious right now, but jealous? Like you say would never want to deprive others, least of all you!

  5. Can’t have it all. Well said.

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