Daily prompt: Whoops!

Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

Well, however many days and nights I might have wasted in my less-than-stellar life, it seems the US Navy just never stops beavering away.

They have recently unveiled a futuristic electromagnetic rail gun that can shoot a projectile well over 160km at seven times the speed of sound, and tests have already shown it can slice through three thick concrete walls like butter. Rear Admiral Matthew Klunder, Chief of Naval Research, is quoted as saying, “There’s not a thing in the sky that’s going to survive against that.”

What’s more, these things only cost $25,000 apiece, as opposed to the millions spent on each of the obviously inferior explosive missiles currently in use.

Look, I’m thrilled. Fancy finding a nice, cost-effective way of destroying three thick concrete walls and anything in the sky you don’t like the look of (although I assume it won’t be used against pesky albatrosses and rogue seagulls). And it gives the opposition a new deadline as well, doesn’t it: develop a remote device to jam the electromagnetics before the electromagnetic rail gun comes into service, thus making it instantly obsolete – unless the US Navy can then come up with a jammer to jam the jammer.

Funny, though. I’d still rather sweat on blowing the spiders away before the kids arrive, than blowing the world away before someone else does. Maybe my conscience is warped.

Mind you, with so much global money being channelled into the development of weapons of mass destruction, by the time someone’s finger slips and – whoops! – blows the planet to smithereens, it will be largely devoid of life anyway. We’ll all have died of starvation.


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Whoops!

  1. bkpyett says:

    I do agree with you, I have a warped perspective too! Food surely should be where our governments should be focusing their attention, to feed the world population. Here they are selling off farm land to build masses of new suburbs… Maybe because I’m older I feel odd.
    Amazing feats: electric magnetic rail guns.. as you say a vicious circle lies ahead!

  2. Yup: here’s my theory – reassign all military money and personnel to building adequate educational and medical facilities on our own turf rather than interfere with other nations and the manufactured perception of threat.

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