Daily prompt: You’re kidding, right?

Daily Prompt
He’s (She’s) So Fine
What was it that drew you to your significant other? Their blue eyes? Their ginger countenance? Their smile? Their voice?

It’s about three weeks to my wedding anniversary, at which point I’d have been married 46 years. Two weeks after that, it will be 23 years since my significant other died. (I don’t go in for euphemisms like passed away, passed over etc. He DIED, for goodness sake!)

Anyway, asking me now what drew me to him in the first place is akin to asking what ice cream tasted like 50 years ago. How the hell am I supposed to remember that? He made an impact – he was charismatic, in fact – all those things, but I worked with actors. At least half of them in that particular production (Sheridan’s The School for Scandal) were well worth a second look. Why him?

However in answer your questions: his eyes were dark brown, his countenance was also dark brown (olive, I suppose, but without the yellow tinge often associated therewith) which our children inherited, thus saving them from nasty Australian sunburn. His smile was pretty good (I do like a good wide smile) and his voice… He made a living from his voice. What can I say?

But again, why him? I have no idea, and even if I thought I had, I wouldn’t trust it. I’m no longer 24. Age…wisdom…cynicism…joy…nostalgia… All those things you embrace along the way colour your perspective. Memory is one thing. Untrammelled emotional recall is something else again.


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4 Responses to Daily prompt: You’re kidding, right?

  1. bkpyett says:

    Helen what a lovely glimpse into your life. Losing someone at such a young age must have been traumatic, devastating, but you have come through and are able to write! Thank you for that!

  2. Martha Kennedy says:

    I’m with you. When someone says, “My mom passed” I bite my tongue soas not to say, “Great! I knew she was barely pulling a C average!” My students are SHOCKED by the word DIE. “Do you have any brothers or sisters professor?” “A brother.” “What does he doe?” “Well, he’s dead.” They look at me in horror — partly they’re embarrassed at asking me a question that might make me sad (they’re kids, after all) but the word DEAD!

    And yes, though I won’t write about it in my blog, my great love was quite a long time ago. Others in the meantime? Sure, but…

  3. I guess it’s considered bad form to call a spade a bloody shovel, but really… Po-faced pussyfooting makes me feel slightly queasy.

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