Daily prompt: Nightmare on Blog Street

Daily Prompt
Just Another Day
Our days our organized around numerous small actions we repeat over and over. What’s your favorite daily ritual?



I get up in the morning, I go to bed at night. Neither at regular times. In between, I have a shower, a lot of coffee and probably something to eat. Beyond that – I’m a Gemini, for goodness sake! I don’t do daily rituals for more than a week or two, before I get bored and move on.

Yes OK, being a Gemini I should also be witty, charming, sociable, the life of the party and fickle as all hell, but even the best of us get derailed by life’s vicissitudes. I do, however, conform to a lot of Gemini characteristics – like, for example, the belief that life is a mental smorgasbord at which you should stuff yourself with as much variety as possible, and – here’s the crux of the matter – that boredom is toxic.

I learned this very early. School bored my regulation socks right off. All that same-time, different-day stuff was torture, and while the mental smorgasbord was hinted at, stimulation was handed out in small and totally unsatisfying dollops, and what’s more you weren’t allowed to spit out those bits you didn’t like.

The wage-slave years weren’t wildly exciting, either. It’s the relentlessness that gets to you: get up when the alarm goes, put the washing on, shower, hang the washing out and flog your way to work rain hail or shine, hoping desperately that something interesting happens to brighten the day, which it usually doesn’t when you’ve got the job down pat and could probably do it in your sleep. A sensible Gemini would make sure she got a job with lots of variety – stage management was good that way – but putting food on a table set for five trumps astrological whimsy, so you do what you need to do and fantasise a lot.

But now I’m retired, and even for you, dear WordPress, there’s no way I’m puddling around in the quaggy mire of mind-numbing daily rituals. And may I die a free woman, never again subjected to the bonds of routine and other people’s timekeeping.


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Nightmare on Blog Street

  1. bkpyett says:

    Fine writing again, but the boredom is seeping through. I have a Gemini daughter who shares much with you.

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  3. Martha Kennedy says:

    I need routine. I just don’t want anyone else to tell me what MY routine should be. 🙂 Here’s a nice photo of my morning coffee. http://marthakennedy.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/cuppa-joe/

    • For reasons known only to WP, the photo comes up in my reader, but not on the post, so I didn’t see it before – but you’re right. I was lying in my teeth. I have A Mug. Coffee doesn’t taste right in anything else.

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