Daily prompt: Making a connection with me

Daily Prompt
First Sight
Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second

My kids, all four of them…houses I’ve chosen to live in…the town I live in now… And teddy bears. I have a fatal weakness, mostly resisted, but not always, for teddy bears who ask me to take them home.

But today, I’m going to be totally self-indulgent. Just saying, so you can skip the rest and move on if you feel like it…

But then I got cold feet and removed most of the post, just leaving enough to make sense of the very kind comments.

img014 Yesterday, looking for something else entirely, I came across this. It was on a strip of prints from one of those money-in-the-slot photo booths, when I was about 19, at drama school, and coerced into taking my turn to make a fool of myself. And I thought, Well, bugger me! (being Australian and all.) Because whaddya know! I wasn’t butt-ugly after all! Not beautiful. ‘No oil painting’, as my husband once pointed out, bless his little cotton socks. But not a paper-bag-over-the-head job: not bad enough to shock children.


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Making a connection with me

  1. You have and had a great face! Striking, attractive and strong, you could never be ignored when you walk in a room i bet!

    I’m exactly the same as you re trying to accept my looks, and am kind of going the other way and embracing the flip side so to speak and you know what? It’s quite a laugh. I don’t feel that everyday of course, but I’m trying…. x

    PS your husband would have got a nice flick in the bollocks for that if he’d said it to me, he’s lucky he’s on the other side of the world 😉

  2. Martha Kennedy says:

    I had a similar experience. My mom used to say, “It’s a good thing you’re smart. You won’t get far on your looks.” Boys never “fainted” at the sight of me. I wasn’t homecoming queen. Not one of the “pretty” girls in school. Later, in my 20s, a friend described me to a man she was setting me up with, “You won’t notice her when you walk into a room, but after 15 minutes, you won’t see anyone else.” Personality and stuff; makes all her own clothes. Then, 11 years ago I found a wedding photo (married at 20) and the girl in that photo was beautiful and I really had NO idea.

  3. bkpyett says:

    Perhaps looks we’re not commented on and compliments were scarce when we were young. You were delightful and still are beautiful Helen! I’m glad that you have finally recognised this.

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