Daily prompt: The joy of being s**t upon

Daily Prompt
Game of Groans
Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.

The thing I loved most about being a shop assistant was the heart-warming knowledge that I was performing an inestimable public service.

Whatever frustrations, irritations, griefs or downright biffos might be going on in customers’ lives, they know they can vent it all on shop assistants: the bottom of the pecking order, the place where the downward buck stops. They can take the lids off their personal pressure cookers, blow steam dead in the eye of these lowly non-people and leave with a glow of blameless relief.

To be the provider of such invaluable social decompression was an honour from which I derive everlasting gratification.


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4 Responses to Daily prompt: The joy of being s**t upon

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  2. Monicle says:

    Oh yeah! and waitresses also get shat upon!

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