The fault, dear Brutus, lies in our stars after all…

The whole problem, apparently, is that Mercury is retrograde.

th[10]Scoff all you like, my friends, but when this jolly astrological jester clobbers you in the financial goolies, you may well start to wonder whether I’m right. Or whether my daughter is right, she being the one who pointed it out to me last night. Mercury retrograde messes with travel, communications, technology and timing, Google tells me, and so far this year, it’s managed to stuff up my DVD player, my bed lamp, the date for my cataract operation, my microwave, and – latest to go – my printer.

I didn’t tell you about the printer, did I. But in fact the microwave was only half the day’s saga. No sooner was it installed than the nice computer man rang to tell me my new printer had arrived – the old one having ravaged its print heads last week. Another trip out, though not so far, and another cumbersome box, though not so heavy, to lug up the stairs. With my new-found knowledge about Mercury, I’m tempted to delay its installation until the planets are aligned again, in case it decides to curdle the insides of my computer in the process.

Meanwhile a friend has kindly carried the old microwave downstairs, the buttons on my home phone are suspiciously dozy, and I’m enjoying the chicken sausages. (Grilled.)

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19 Responses to The fault, dear Brutus, lies in our stars after all…

  1. bkpyett says:

    Am glad you found someone to carry the old microwave downstairs! What a lot of change happening in your life at the moment. Hope the new printer behaves itself….

  2. ChristineR says:

    The printer too! You should be right for some time then. Our microwave is about 25 years old at least, and huge. I’ve been thinking of getting on of those little ones next time I see them on special. I hope Mercury leaves us alone! 😀

  3. No scoffing from me. I pay attention when that little planet goes backwards. It is also the time for “auld acquaintances” to surface. That can be good. Or not.

  4. Monicle says:

    I’ve followed Mercury in retrograde for years and it’s true! Things go wrong, machines break down, computers do weird things, and people can even hear something different than what’s said. The trick of getting though it is to RE; review, repeat, rethink, rehearse, go back and finish things you’ve already started rather than start something new. And in conversations, make sure you understand each other.
    It happens a few times a year and lasts a couple of weeks. It’s good to know when it’s happening….. like watching the weather.

    • I’ve visited an astrologer several times over the years – she’s now become a friend. . It’s a great comfort to put yourself in context, as it were. But I haven’t paid close attention to the planets in general. I’ll certainly be more careful of Mercury, in future.

      • Monicle says:

        I had to laugh yesterday; I went into work on the afternoon shift and the main cake decorator was working overtime because “everything was going wrong”. I bit my tongue because it just sounds too flakey! Not something you want to hear when you’ve just put your thumb through the photo image on rice paper.

    • I have serious concerns about your colleagues!

  5. Technology is a fickle thing! One day it’s working perfectly, the next your printer explodes when you try and turn it on. I guess it’s just the cycle of life….

  6. Mechanical things always go up on a weekend or holiday. They are built that way. And usually in threes. Microwave, printer and what? Toaster? stove? fridge? dishwasher, clothe washer? Dryer? TV? If Mercury is rising it might be your thermometer.

  7. I am hoping the God awful message I got yesterday was Mercury’s fault. Maybe it was a sign to just move on

  8. Pat says:

    Actually, for the skeptics out there – the planets have a huge influence on all types of things – most of which we attribute to Murphy’s Law as such, but good and fun, and horrible and bad – it’s all cyclical – all the planets have effects – not just Mercury — but when the “bad boy” does go retrograde (and thankfully it’s almost over – July 1) – it’s always best to be slightly wary.

    Here’s hoping nothing more goes “kaflooie” Helen.

      • Pat says:

        Lol — well Helen, believing in me is only an option if you so wish — we all have our ideas and thoughts, which is great, but funny thing is, if you start to pay attention to it – things just seem to make a bit more sense. But then again, if I had unfortunately had your string of bad luck, I too would be looking for answers elsewhere, simply to ease the frustrations.

        Have a great day and I hope nothing electronic goes on the fritz!

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