Daily prompt: You learn something new every day!

Sleepy Time
More and more of us go to bed too late because of sleep procrastination. What are the nighttime rituals that keep you up before finally dozing off?

Well my friends, what a day! What a celebration!

Last night, I was merely a lonely light in sleeping town. This morning I wake to find myself part of a syndrome! With well-researched characteristics invaluable to my self-assessment right there in black and white, I need never feel overlooked and alone again.




Although maybe not…

It seems I’m also prone to memory problems, cardiovascular disease, obesity and car accidents. And I’m the sort of person unlikely to resist a cookie when I’m on a diet.

These are the kinds of findings that make you ask yourself the hard questions. Like Am I going to revolutionise my lifestyle, change the habits of years and bludgeon my circadian rhythms into submission to satisfy the academic norm?

Hmm… I’m thinnish, have no problem with cookies, no cardiovascular disease, no record of car accidents and no memory loss not attributable to advancing age, mental multi-tasking and a temporary lack of fish oil. Furthermore, I don’t stay up late because I’m watching TV, too tired to make the effort, or generally mucking about.

That’s when I THINK, Dr Kroese. That’s when my brain wakes up and takes off. That’s when it darts about slurping up random thoughts and sculpting them into ideas, and solutions, and constructive plans! And if I go to bed earlier, what then? I wake earlier with hours ahead of me while my sludgy mind yearns for the nightlife of yore that it knows it will now be forever denied…

So no, on the whole, in answer to the hard questions… I don’t think so.


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11 Responses to Daily prompt: You learn something new every day!

  1. bkpyett says:

    Enjoyable read Helen!

  2. You know, Helen, when I read the link to the New Yorker article that prompted this daily post, I was delighted to see Nabokov quoted up top. It makes perfect sense, to me, that you and he are kindred.

    • Have to admit I knew nothing about Nabokov, except that was a writer. Having looked him up – you mean we’re both a bit mad? Interesting about the synesthesia, though. Does it count that I see the days of week and the months of the year in colour?

      • LOL – no, both great writers, and I’m a fan of both!

        I went through a Nabokov phase after seeing the movie Lolita and I read everything of his in chronological order. I can barely recall any of it, of course.

        I’m no expert on synesthesia, but it sounds that your coloured calendar might fit the description.

  3. Noah Weiss says:

    I love the sassy look at the topic. It is refreshing after writing about my sleep shortcomings that are written in a straightforward manner.

  4. You need to break that cookie habit.

  5. Cookies are meant to be eaten. If they weren’t God wouldn’t have created Chocolate Chips.

  6. What a good thing I don’t like chocolate chips!

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