Winners and losers: the existential blot

This is prompted by elainecanham’s comment on my previous post. (Thanks, Elaine. Prompting of any sort gratefully received.)

I wrote it years ago – before The Hitchhiker’s Guide first hit the airwaves – and found it just last week during a ruthless throw out of old scribbling. Serendipity!

I slopped my coffee this afternoon –
not badly, you understand, but enough
to make a blot across the paper.
I looked at it and thought
that I should see some sense in it, that blot –
a sort of unintended Rorschach test .
But I didn’t.
Does this mean I don’t exist

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2 Responses to Winners and losers: the existential blot

  1. bkpyett says:

    Maybe this will be the beginning of a novel? Helen, I’m feeling that blogging isn’t for me, so shall say thank you for your part in making it an enjoyable interlude. I shall probably be back. I have the grand children coming, and I feel there are other things I should be doing! Who knows what the future holds? Stay well, and I shall be pleased to read what you write, when you manage to finish that illusive novel.

  2. I’ll miss you, Barbara. Make sure you come back visit!

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