Daily prompt: Why would I be so stupid?

Daily Prompt
Advantage of Foresight
You’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?

Absolutely no way do I want any part of this!

We are the sum total of our lives. The good, the bad and the ugly – they all contribute to the people we become, and I don’t believe for a minute that if any one of us saw something we didn’t like in our futures, we wouldn’t do our utmost to avoid it, thus cutting out a large chunk of our personal development – or failing that, make the present hideous by brooding over it until it happened.

We’re also highly likely to misinterpret what we see. Without knowing the steps we took to arrive at the destination, how can we possibly judge it? Situations that appear negative out of context, might be perfect solutions to problems our probing hasn’t revealed. Every experience has value. Nothing is wasted. Everything teaches us something, and most things have positive as well as negative outcomes. We can’t pick and choose and have one without the other. And if we could, we’d be as deeply fascinating as cardboard cut-outs.

There have been lots of shitty bits in my life. If I’d seen some of them coming, I’d probably have shot myself rather than go there – thus depriving the world, in the first instance, of four talented and intelligent people and their eight equally talented and intelligent children. But without every one of those tough patches, I wouldn’t be where I am today. And I like it here very much.


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13 Responses to Daily prompt: Why would I be so stupid?

  1. grieflessons says:

    A well-written and intelligence piece. Judy

  2. Martha Kennedy says:

    In my journey to figure out how to do my journey, I initially rejected the method for moving my stuff that I am now going to use. It took a few months of research and asking questions to realize the advantages of this system FOR ME. I didn’t know enough three months ago and if I’d seen the future I’d have said, “No way!” in fact, I did. I’m using “pods” portable storage that can go to my future town and wait for me until I have a house. Three months ago I thought that was absurd and too expensive for what it is — but in fact, traditional movers are more expensive and storage is extra!

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  4. Agree with every sensible word here, Helen. Cardboard cut-outs begone!

  5. Tidlidim says:

    Completely agree with you!

  6. bkpyett says:

    Helen , am pleased to read such a sensible post, The bad times make us appreciate the good ones even more.

  7. I used to fantasise a lot about being 21 again but with this head/self awareness/knowledge and think I’d rule the world, but id probably fuck up again, just in a different way. I still might be tempted though!

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