Daily prompt: Give me spring, lots of spring…

Daily Prompt
Autumn Leaves
Changing colors, dropping temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes: do these mainstays of Fall fill your heart with warmth — or with dread?

They don’t fill my heart with anything, actually, partly because it’s not autumn (alleluia!), and partly because even if it were, I wouldn’t be up to my knees in golden leaves, or to dolly’s wax in pumpkin spice lattes.

The lack of leaves comes from living in a temperate coastal zone, where leaves tend to go green-dead-splat with no lingering farewell aria. The pumpkin spice lattes – probably a bit sophisticated for a bunch of bogans like us, wouldn’t you say? Shrimps on the barbie, y’know? Except that we call them prawns, and they changed it so you’d understand what we were talking about. And I’ve never had a barbecued one in my life, as it happens: buy them cooked, eat with brown bread & butter and a dash of pepper. Yay!



Anyway, as I said in the beginning, it’s not autumn here at all, but wonderful, fabulous, glorious, magical Spring! And whatever nasties the weatherman might pluck from his box of tricks for tomorrow, we know we’re over the hump and cruising down the road into summer. Not that spring has come in with a blaze of glory, either. It’s subtle here, is spring: no shy snowdrops or fields of golden daffodils, I’m sorry to say, but that’s the price you pay for living within a stone’s throw of the sea, where gentle awakenings are likely to be met with a blast of salt air and admonishments to hurry it up before it gets too hot.

Which is fine with me. The frangipanis are shooting, the lorikeets are busy in the bottlebrush, and I’m willing to forego the snowdrops and the pumpkin spice lattes if I can keep the surf.


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14 Responses to Daily prompt: Give me spring, lots of spring…

  1. I got sunburned today. Summer is on its way!!

    • Yay! And as I was doing my circuit of the headland, Horseshoe Bay was almost crowded! A few days ago, a few desultory walkers wandered along the shoreline, but today – umbrellas, bikinis, sunbathers, sandy kids and cavorting swimmers… School holidays, the start of better things!

  2. I know your seasons are flipped from ours, but still I was jolted a few times while reading “Six Weeks…” especially when the characters were outside in the warmth of the garden at Christmas!

  3. And why wouldn’t I be? It’s a lovely, lovely novel. You know, Helen, I am actually an incorrigible book snob pretty much loathing most of what is published today as popular fiction….you know, the crap in the Costco book bins (you may not have the equivalent in Australia.) And so when I come across something like your SWIS, I am over the moon. If I hadn’t thoroughly enjoyed this book, I would have read it and never mentioned a thing in a blog comment. In fact, I’ve had to restrain my exuberance over it for fear you would think me insincere.

    • That’s just made my day. Probably my month. Year? Whenever I thought about writing (ie most of my life) I’ve always thought that if just one person reacted as you’ve just done, I’d be happy. And I am. I’ve never wanted to write something deeply serious and ‘literate’, just something that gave someone else the pleasure I get from books. Thank you a million times! 🙂

      • I should be thanking you, Helen. When I finished reading, I felt so sad to leave these characters for whom I had developed such an affection behind….except, of course, for Adam. And Nerida. But we must have our villains, and he was a splendid one! Oh, just as an aside…..please avoid naming any future intrusive, church-lady characters “Barbara!!!” LOL.

      • So noted! And while I’m here – hope you don’t mind my asking a quick question. Was it too short? Don’t mean would you have liked more, but did it stand up as an OK length for a novel? I ask because I’m facing the same question with the second one. when I’ve finished what I want to say, I stop, but novels are getting longer and longer, and I’m wondering whether I have to do something radical to increase the length.

  4. Fran Macilvey says:

    So when I want cheering, I shall come here and bask a while. Thanks for this. xxx 🙂

  5. Tidlidim says:

    Yay for spring, then!

  6. bkpyett says:

    I ditto Barbara’s comment about the ‘intrusive church’ characters finding alternate names!!
    Did you get my comment about my review being up at last on Smashwords, Helen?
    Love reading your posts!

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