Yep, I’m still here

‘Morning all. Or afternoon, evening, night – whatever it happens to be at your place.

Sorry I’ve been neglecting you. I’ve just been a bit busy elsewhere. Spent the last week packing up my daughter’s rented house, so that yesterday the removalists could come and transport it all a few suburbs over to her newly purchased house, and I could unpack it again. Started the unpack yesterday. Still have a few days to go. Bizarre, really, when you think about it. You wrap and pack every single thing you own, and the next day, you unpack and unwrap it all again. No top marks there, in a time and motion study!

Why am I doing it? She and her husband both work about 10 hours per day, they have 2 small children, and I offered. I’ve packed and unpacked more times than I want to think about, and I like being useful and involved.

By the end of yesterday, we had beds up (with help of other 2 daughters), telly working – you know, the essentials particularly when factoring in a 3 y/o (very excited) and 1 y/o (bewildered and put out). Also complicated by the fact that the new house is considerably smaller than the rented one, so deciding where everything goes is tricky.

So I don’t have any deep philosophical thoughts to pass on, or meaningful comments on world events to share, being far more concerned with when they’ll manage to get a shed for things like lawn mowers etc.

Instead, I shall pass on a photo of the 1 y/o, whipped out from under the removalists’ feet and taken out (with his sister) for a BIG TREAT. (He and the hat are inseparable)


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21 Responses to Yep, I’m still here

  1. bkpyett says:

    What a good Mum you are! Can imagine how much more complicated the move is with two little ones…. Love the photo of this gorgeous boy. They seem to grow up more quickly these days, or is that me getting older and i can’t remember properly? You will feel good to see them settled into their own home. 🙂

  2. ChristineR says:

    Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself, Helen. Helping out that way is hard work, but rewarding. I’ve just been catching up, backwards, on your posts but I soon stopped sprinkling likes – it’s easier to just say I love all your posts. ❤ One wouldn't think so, since my last visit seems to have been in early September! Have a lovely time with your family. The time away from your writing will do you good.

  3. Oh, there you are. Moving house is really quite ridiculous. I’m thinking I’ll stay here until someone invents a teleport system that just transfers all your stuff from one house to the next by pushing a button.
    You’re a good mum! 🙂

    • I’d seriously recommend the teleport system. Trouble is, though, you’d need an identical house to teleport to. My daughter is horrified at how much extra crap (no other word for it) they’ve managed to accumulate in a mere 12 months.

  4. And so I notice both Barbara and Heather refer to you as “mum.” The term for grandmother in Australia, I presume? And those big brown eyes on that adorable little pumpkin…..

  5. Relax says:

    You’re a good soul, and that kid’s picture is in the dictionary when one looks up the word “cute”!!

  6. Aunt Beulah says:

    If I looked that good in a hat, I wouldn’t want to take it off either.

  7. Fran Macilvey says:

    Thanks for this post, Helen. It’s great to hear your news, and I hope everything settles well. xxx 🙂

  8. suzjones says:

    Oh Helen, I’m hearing you. My man has been interstate helping my son to pack up his house and is right this very minute driving the moving truck back to our town. They arrive this afternoon and I can guess what I will be doing this afternoon and tomorrow.

  9. mjennings says:

    Sounds crazy busy there! Nominated you for this, btw. Thought you’d like to know. 🙂

  10. Marilyn says:

    I just found you, started reading and an hour later I looked up! Thank You for what you do and say and the way you do it!

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