Daily prompt: Priorities

Daily Prompt
Let It Be
A restaurant that removed your favorite item from the menu, a bad cover of a great song… Write a post about something that should’ve been left untouched, but wasn’t. Why was the original better

I am sitting here barefooted in my scruffy jeans and my even scruffier t-shirt, in a unit that I alone own and occupy. My computer is set up on the dining table (which hasn’t seen dining in years), and a couple of pings ago, I got instant photos of my grandchildren now in LA. If my mother popped in for a quick visit, she’d recognise the location, some of the furniture, and possibly me, but she was born in 1905 and died 47 years ago. The way I live would blow her mind. Some of it she’d like, some she wouldn’t, and that’s the way it’s always been and always will be. Change is inevitable. Some is good, some isn’t.

There’s a lot I don’t like about modern society, but while I think rap is rubbish and remaking Sabrina was an insult to Bogart and Hepburn, I can live with those things without too much trouble. The young will always want to change the world. It’s their job.

What bothers me, though, is that greed and self-interest have replaced idealism as the motivation for change, and if idealism does pop up, it’s either bought out, or invaded by violence. I can’t – and won’t – accept that, but I do have to accept my inability to change it. The best I can do is try ensure that in my microcosmic corner of the world, ‘ethics’, ‘standards’, ‘honesty’ and ‘compassion’ don’t become dirty words.


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17 Responses to Daily prompt: Priorities

  1. Agree totally. (Including about Sabrina – honestly, what were they thinking??) Being a bit further behind on the parenting journey than you, I work hard to try and make sure my boys know those values you mention are important. So far, I seem to be doing okay. I’m sure you’ve already managed the same.

    • My huge and unapologetic pride in my kids doesn’t come from what they’ve achieved (although they have, and I’m proud of that too) but from the fact that they’re good people. I don’t envy you – I think the job gets harder with each generation.

      • You should have heard me crying last week that I wished I was raising kids 50 years ago when the only technology I would have had to control in the house would have been one television, if we were lucky.

  2. bkpyett says:

    Nicely put, we can but show our grandchildren by example.

  3. Not to mention the narcissism. I have a ‘friend’ on Facebook who uploads up to five selfies of her admittedly pretty face/toned body a day. It’s as if she does exist without the likes and admiring qualities that follow. Perhaps she’s inwardly insecure but it bores me shitless…

  4. momshieb says:

    Interesting post! I love your thought that it is the job of the young to change things…..I am lucky enough to know a large number of young people (in their early 20’s) who are incredibly idealistic. They work hard, but avoid the big corporate world. They shop local, support small businesses, share what they have, and protest when necessary. I think the next generation is going to move us in a better direction!

  5. Noah Weiss says:

    A great perspective. Everyone has to look out for his- or herself to some degree, but this world is full of me-me-me. The true virtues, no matter how hidden they become, however, will never fade.

  6. Think globally, act locally. That’s all we really can do.

  7. steelcityman says:

    Stumbled upon your blog whilst doing task 12 of Blogging 101 and I must say Helen, I am glad I did. I can relate to every thing you talk about especially…. “The young will always want to change the world. It’s their job.”…. As a retired Detached Youth Worker, That rings very true..lol..Mind you, there was a time when fresh from Uni, I had a vision of changing the world too !!! Soon got that notion kicked out of me !!…The last paragraph I agree whole heartedly with, Well Blogged Hellen.

    • I’m so sorry it’s taken me so long to respond – it’s been one of those chaotic periiods life throws at you to keep you on your toes.
      I noticed when visiting your blog that your Red Soap Box has disappeared. I’m intrigued. Too hot to handle?

      • steelcityman says:

        Hi Helen, …thanks for the comment…too hoy to handle ?? certainly not !! my politics are redder than my blood and I can (I hope) stand up to any debate concerning the merits of Socialism….No, the truth is, I did’t think I needed a separate page as politics is such a big part of me it would get mentioned just as easily in the ‘Day in the life of ….’ category. ( I get confused with pages and categories..it’s an age thing !!)..so, nothing intriguing really or even a tad revolutionary, just trimming down.

      • I know the feeling. I removed ‘pages’ as well. Couldn’t see the point of confusing myself

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