Daily prompt: Whatever

Daily Prompt
One at a Time
Today, write a post about the topic of your choice — using only one-syllable words.

This is the subject of my choice. And it’s not one-syllable words, because I’m a rebel. Which is also polysyllabic.

I am very old,
weary to the depths of my soul
where time sits silvered with grief
and seamed with battle scars that weaken my resolve.

But mostly I am very young:
a child
alight with innocent delight.
And when the young in years flash by
contemptuous of my greying hair
I want to say, ‘Hey!
You wait, you’ll see!’
But then
they might not be so lucky…


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1 Response to Daily prompt: Whatever

  1. How beautiful, Helen, and how true. I’m finding that I am more “alight with innocent delight” than when I was younger which makes me very happy indeed.

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