Daily prompt: Whether I will prevail remains to be seen

Daring Do
Tell us about the time you rescued someone else (person or animal) from a dangerous situation. What happened? How did you prevail?

Seems my biggest act of daring-do – or derring-do to those of us who speak non-American English – will be to rescue myself from WP oblivion as demonstrated by the fact that although technically I follow the Daily Prompt, I have apparently been cut from its list of those to be notified of new posts.

I may (or may not) have mentioned already that nothing says ‘you’re nobody’ quite like having to walk across the tarmac at Sydney airport because you don’t rate one of the terminal’s umbilical cords. But my current relationship with WordPress is rapidly overtaking this in the race to No 1. Yes I am old, but do they have to point out quite so blatantly that unless techno updates make my eyes sparkle, to them I’m dispensable rubbish? Quite out of the blue, they have deleted my normal browser from the list of those they support. First the ability to add images disappeared, and now, from one moment to the next and without a word of warning or explanation, access from Reader to My sites has apparently passed its use-by date, and my dashboard is so well hidden that I’ve yet to find it.

But you don’t get rid of me that easily, my friends. Google Chrome does the job, even though it refuses to keep me logged in. Like I have to prove myself at the gate every time I want to enter. So far, bloody-mindedness has kept me coming back, but how long that will last is anyone’s guess. This is supposed to be a site for writers and communicators, for goodness sake, not an online marketplace for browser updates and technological bells and whistles in which I have no interest whatsoever.

So here’s my thought for the day:

I do not like thee, WordPress dear.
The reason why is very clear.
You’re arrogant and cavalier
And rather up yourselves, I fear,

And p’raps a tad dishonest, too:
Your protestations don’t ring true,
‘Cos if you really gave a screw,
You’d care for us, and not just you


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27 Responses to Daily prompt: Whether I will prevail remains to be seen

  1. I don’t get the prompts anymore either. Not that they prompted much. 🙂

  2. I heard others are having WP problems too! You are not alone.

  3. Martha Kennedy says:

    I don’t think it’s about non-American English. I think it’s about ignorance and not knowing that it’s derring-do and arrogance not bothering to look it up and illiteracy in not having read it in a book. Oh and I don’t think anyone is getting the Daily Prompt in their email any more. Fine poem. 🙂

    • What a relief. I’ve seen it in books as well, and started to think it was me being antediluvian. Bit of a worry, though, when it means book editors are equally ignorant. But I shouldn’t be surprised. I did come across a character in a P D James novel taking a flyover out of the letterbox.
      Glad you liked the poem 🙂

    • Martha, I recently saw in print “strike a cord.” What is happening out there? Does nobody read anymore even within the publishing industry? Sheesh.

      • Martha Kennedy says:

        No one knows what anything is supposed to be any more. It started in the 80s when it became more important to read works by people of a certain color or gender than to read works that were actually good (not that there’s not an immense overlap). Now? Remember my last class in which I had a student who didn’t believe Greek is a modern language and when I explain that it is, he didn’t believe me and googled it? What can I say?

      • Egad. What did he think people in Greece spoke, for crying out loud. Or maybe he didn’t recognize Greece as a nation either.

      • Martha Kennedy says:

        I can handle ignorance. What I couldn’t handle was that he did not believe me. That moment marked the end of my teaching career.

      • It wasn’t helped by the fact that also around the 80s, the education system decided children’s creativityand self-esteem might be crushed by emphasising the importance of spelling and grammar (a theory emanating from the US, I have to say) and as a result, modern teachers aren’t as literate as they should be either. Happened at the same time as they decided academic prizes were descriminatory, but prizes for sport were still OK.

  4. Beth says:

    Your thought for the day really flows well and speaks clearly:0)) We seem to be constantly fed the expectation that we spend our time learning and relearning new tech tricks and trying to resolve constant tech issues. Why young people agree to spend their time and energy doing this, I have no idea!

    • Each to his own, I guess – but if others demand I should be techno-savvy, why shouldn’t I demand they be literate and grammatical? They’ve been exposed to literacy since they started school. I wasn’t exposed to the internet until I was almost 60!

  5. angloswiss says:

    The prompts are dished up old prompts and do not trigger a mail or even appear in the reader. I can only advise to check the following link every day where you see what is on offer, if anything. Sometimes they don’t even bother.
    Daily Prompt Link

  6. Lisa P says:

    I wondered where you’d gone! Welcome back, intrepid digital explorer!

  7. Every time I log on they’ve screwed around with something or other, v annoying. Love the poem! You could add loads of ‘cat in the hat’ style verses every time they irk you, look out WP customer services 😉

  8. I’m American and derring-do it is! Fun poem, Helen, you are back in fine form!!

  9. I don’t get notifications for the daily prompt either. I don’t think anyone gets them anymore. I made myself a link. I go when I log on in the morning to see if there IS a prompt. Here it is:

    WordPress had made a lot of changes. You have to find the place to click that says “give me back the old style …” dashboard or stats or whatever. The changes have been well received by many of us because they are change for change sake. Not improvements or upgrades. In most cases, they are trading functionality for “a look.” Pretty is as pretty does and in software, swapping function for appearance is a bad trade. Always.

    And it IS derring-do. They are just ignoramuses at WordPress headquarters.

    • Thank you for the link! It’s now on my favourites – I’m happy.
      I can understand the tech people at WP wanting ‘the look’ – professional pride and all. But you’ve got to assume if higher management allows it to compromise functionality, they’ve lost sight of what the site is about. Blinded by their own success springs to mind, particularly when you consider their attitude to the prompts. We’re here to write, not to immerse ourselves in their technological brilliance. Once they forget that, they’re done.

  10. NOT been well received. NOT

  11. Noah Weiss says:

    All of these changes are indeed annoying. I especially like Marilyn’s comment, as there are so many times where “OOOH! PRETTY!” is code for “@#$%&! it doesn’t work!”

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