Daily prompt: In my dreams

Daily Prompt
Audience of One
Picture the one person in the world you really wish were reading your blog. Write her or him a letter.

Dear Optus CEO – whoever you happen to be at the moment. (I hear there’s change in the air.)

I do so wish you were an avid follower of this blog. Then you’d know how truly pissed off I am with your organisation. Because despite numerous calls in the past year pointing out that my Internet Service Provider (you) is providing no service whatsoever, the message obviously isn’t getting through via the normal channels.

I don’t blame the people on the Help Desk for this. They are unfailingly sympathetic, and investigate to the limit of their ability. Somewhere in the bowels of Optus, there is file attesting to this. They also promise to pass the complaint up the line. But the result is still a big fat zilch.

The problem, dear CEO, is this:

This is a TOURIST AREA. You know, one of those places where ordinary people come for HOLIDAYS. And when they come, they bring with them their laptops, mobile phones, ipads and all those other gadgets that are apparently tied to their persons with unbreakable chains. And when that happens, the ONE OPTUS TOWER that [sic] SERVICES this area is UNABLE TO COPE and falls in a heap. The result is a VERY LARGE NUMBER of VERY UNHAPPY CUSTOMERS.

So if you really loved this blog, you’d realise how frustrating it is that given the hit-and-miss nature of my internet connection at this time of year, it’s almost impossible for me to upload posts or answer comments in anything approaching a timely manner.

But realistically – and I’m a realist – I know that one blog is not enough to divert you from your Higher Purpose – ie Making Money. The truth is, you really don’t care. We of the Mid North Coast of NSW (Australia, in case you’re wondering) are not lucrative enough to justify even the most miniscule blip in profits that might result from upgrading our tower – or (heaven help us) putting in a second one. There is no big business here – no multi-national corporation – and if a few small businesses go the wall because they lose their internet connection just when they need them most… Well, why should you care?

Anyway, Mr CEO, have a nice life.

I imagine you will.

It has to be so much easier when you don’t have a social conscience.


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14 Responses to Daily prompt: In my dreams

  1. bkpyett says:

    Well written Helen. We had a problem with Telstra, and it wasn’t till Chris managed to contact the CEO directly, that our problem was taken seriously. He was charming and even passed on a private number!

  2. Monicle says:

    You can’t lose the internet…. your blog is how I find the daily prompt!

  3. Martha Kennedy says:

    There are a lot of people for whom that letter would be appropriate.

  4. Yes. We have Charter. And we have no choice because it’s Charter or nothing. Sometimes, Charter is just LIKE nothing. Why is it that ISPs are so universally AWFUL? Is it the whole “we’re a monopoly, so we don’t care” thing?

    • I do have a choice, but would it be worth the drama of changing my email address when there’s no guarantee the alternative would be any better. I think they don’t care because they make enough out of big business not to bother. We’re a spit in the bucket to the lot of them.

  5. lifelessons says:

    I feel your pain…I have much the same problem in Mexico any time any of my neighbors go online…I get booted off. Frustrating. Especially because my company is owned by the richest man in the world! Does he care? Probably doesn’t even know that the service is spotty, not to mention the fact that the phone time we buy vanishes after a month if it isn’t used. Absurd!!! Judy

  6. I totally feel your pain, I’ve spent Christmas and most of January laying into my provider for their gross ineptitude and whilst I try to be a less angry attacking person, when dealing with companies like this, it’s the only way to to get results. Hope yours (and mine) gets sorted out once and for all soon x

  7. Aunt Beulah says:

    Well said, Helen. Many of us in rural areas share your pain.

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