A Box of Chocolates
Valentine’s Day arrives this week and many of your waistlines will be encountering a delectable box of chocolates. For this week’s challenge, you will be reimagining the box of chocolates as a writing form.

Lunch! Mimi thought. I’ll invite all the volunteers to lunch. So we get to know each other. And then Thursdays will be like friendly get-togethers. We’ll talk and laugh as we work…

The vicar read the invitation with warm approval. What a splendid idea! And how wonderful to see the growth of Christian fellowship in such a disparate group. The Lord did indeed work in mysterious ways!

Orma sighed. That was the trouble with doing charity work. You had to show willing on every level. She’d go, of course. And hope it didn’t drag on.

For her? An invitation to lunch? But it was years… Flora ran her fingers over the magic words and felt a shiver of wonder tickle its way down her spine…

Good God! OK, so charity work was good for her reputation, but have lunch with that bunch of whiskery old… Shoot me now! Babs dumped the invitation in the bin and reached for the corkscrew.

Lunch? Please no, don’t make me… Sit there… Trapped…

What a hide the woman has! Who does she think she is, to organise a luncheon! A Johnny-come-lately, when I’ve been the backbone of that group for years! Angela smiled. It wasn’t pretty.

Bea smiled. What a nice idea! She’d ring Mimi, and ask what she could bring.

She might enjoy it, Claire thought, but then again, it could be torture. They all seemed pleasant enough, but a social event… Worlds colliding sprang to mind.

Mimi’s invitation threw Dianne into instant confusion. What was this about? Was she meant to make friends with these people? She’d volunteered to work, not socialise. Had she missed a vital clue somewhere?

She must be joking! As if she, Cheryl, had a single thing in common with the rest of them! Except the charity, of course, and that was hard work, not fancy lunches!

Bob dumped the mail on the passenger seat, checked his golf clubs were still in the boot and eased his car out of the driveway. Lunch? Women’s business.

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9 Responses to Attitudes

  1. bkpyett says:

    What a delightful post Helen, I could picture them all! Terrific idea.

  2. Fran Macilvey says:

    Lovely clever writing! xxx 🙂

  3. I echo Barbara and Fran. What a brilliant way to show the assortment of attitudes in any given group. When is your next book coming out, Helen, I’m ready for another! (Plugged “Six Weeks…” a bit in my most recent post, by the way. Expect a deluge of orders!)

  4. Very smart way to deal with the prompt. I couldn’t find a satisfactory way to deal with it. Kudos!!

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