Daily prompt: Bamboozled

Daily Prompt
Circle of Five
A writer once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If this is true, which five people would you like to spend your time with?

Who was the writer? Because with all due respect to him/her – what were they thinking? How do you ‘average’ people?

Yeah right, I know. Everyone else has managed to extract the grain of wheat and get with the program, so why can’t I? Because I’m a picky old cow?

Yep, and enjoying every minute of it, making up for decades of humble obeisance and keeping the boat unrocked. True, however unbelievable you find it.

So today, I’m going to ask a question of my own.

How is that these days, our freedom is more circumscribed and inhibited by the rule-breakers than it is by the rules themselves?


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15 Responses to Daily prompt: Bamboozled

  1. Beth says:

    There couldn’t possibly be a more incisive way to sum up what’s going on than your last sentence! Perfect.

  2. lifelessons says:

    I, too, was absolutely unable to write to this prompt, although I tried for hours. I ended up not posting what I wrote and wrote to a different prompt from another site. Now, I am intrigued by your prompt. Are you willing to give me a clue about what you mean by it or is the point of the prompt that I have to make of it what I will? I would make of it that the rule-breakers are, ironically, the very ones who make the rules but in this case they have twisted the rules to their own purpose. Judy

  3. ibdunn says:

    Great final sentence!

  4. bkpyett says:

    I’m one of those who twist the rules, as Judy says above! Interesting question you pose though, Helen. Are you thinking politically?

    • I wasn’t thinking poitically – politicians tend to remake the rules to suit themselves, rather than breaking them! The question arose from my attitude to posting photos of my grandchildren online: I’m prevented from doing it by the fear that predators will appropriate them.

  5. Wut? Does it mean which five people would you pick so you can siphon off some of their qualities? Not very clear is it?

  6. Kill five people. Cut into chunks, them in HUGE blender. Cover. Turn blender on. Blended people, see?

  7. eschudel says:

    My favourite thing every morning is to read the Daily Post and then post about whatever I want! After I have made a sarcastic comment about the prompt. Drives my hubby nuts, but I can’t help myself! Thanks for posting what we’re all thinking. 🙂

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