Daily prompt: Seizing the day 21/4

A year or so ago, the Weekly Challenge (since defunct) was this: https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_writing_challenge/lunch-posts/
It was fun, so once the week was up, I kept going in a series of posts I called Seizing the day. The DP’s regurgitated prompts aren’t fun, so unless they come up with something riveting, I’m going back to Seizing the day.

Morality is simple for the very young.
We teach them that there’s right and wrong
and stars or time out, and that one
plus one is two.
And when we’re old we see again
how simple it should be, and logical:
that one plus one does equal two
and not eleven with a dash
of creativity, well seasoned with the spice
of pragmatism, or convenience, or greed.

Out of the mouths of babes, we say,
but in between the clarity of age
and childhood’s faith,
we block our ears.

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