Daily prompt: At the dentist

Seizing the day, 24/4
Do you floss? he asked.
Dear man, I’ve only met you twice
so is it nice
to be so personal?
Particularly when your fist
is in my mouth.
Or is it that your training missed
that crucial point?
No mouth available to speak,
No answer.


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: At the dentist

  1. bkpyett says:

    You’re right, many dentists haven’t learnt to wait till the mouth is empty before asking for a response.

  2. It is a critical “fail” in their training. ☺ Van

  3. We have some of our most intimate moments with people we know only by their titles. I spend almost all day at doctors, labs, etc. It was intimate. Painful, too. I did teeth not long ago, too. It’s always something, isn’t it.

  4. Aunt Beulah says:

    How well you expressed a common complaint of mine: the drivel of dentists while they’re making it impossible for me to answer.

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