Daily prompt: What’s floppy about changing your opinion?

Daily Prompt
Flip Flop
Think of a topic or issue about which you’ve switched your opinion. Why the change?

If I didn’t ever change my opinion, I hope I’d have the grace to be thoroughly ashamed of myself. It would mean I wasn’t thinking or listening or staying open to other people’s ideas, and that would be appalling. My father would spin in his grave.

I’d never learn anything, either. But then I guess the people with rigid, irreversible opinions think they know it all.

Perhaps a sharp smack in the head would help.


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8 Responses to Daily prompt: What’s floppy about changing your opinion?

  1. So true and that’s the danger of the “news” channels catering to either left or right wing views. One never hears a differing opinion and remains entrenched in smug certainty. I agree. I’ve flipped or flopped on lots of things over the years and am proud of it!

  2. I think this term was invented to describe politicians who go back on their promises (isn’t that all of them?), not people who get older, learn stuff, rethink their positions. But WordPress does not know this.

  3. lauzlau says:

    Enjoy how you lay it on the line 🙂

  4. Aunt Beulah says:

    I so agree with your thoughts in this post. I think there are very few black and white issues in life; instead, most everything is a murky gray to me and I have to read and think my way to some sort of conclusion and then, often, as I learn more, I change my mind. I call it maturity.

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