Daily prompt: Trivia round-up

Daily Prompt
You, the Sandwich
If a restaurant were to name something after you, what would it be? Describe it

Hot air on a plate?


Western society is amazingly silly, you know: all the totally, mind-bogglingly trivial bumf we slurp up like starving puppies, wagging our tails in blissful gratitude for the latest helping of empty calories dolloped into our mental plates on a daily basis.

Kylie Jenner admits having her lips plumped. Who is Kylie Jenner? Are her lips newsworthy for reasons that escape me?

Chris Brown spins off the stage in a dance move gone wrong. Who is Chris Brown?

Miley Cyrus admits not all of her relationships have been heterosexual. I do know who Miley Cyrus is, but her sexual preferences … Who the hell cares?

Enough people, it seems, to make this little gem a must-have on my homepage today. And maybe if I’d read the articles attached to the headlines, I’d care too. But I didn’t, and I don’t – any more than I care why Kimmie and Kannie had to wait a whole half hour last week for a restaurant table.

What I do care about, though, is that society’s general interest in itself seems to be stuck at about the level of KK’s butt, while issues I might have hoped were more important float on by without comment. Like the standard of our children’s education, for example. Or have we (here’s a thought) decided to extol the advantages of butt transplants over the advantages of learning to read and write?


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9 Responses to Daily prompt: Trivia round-up

  1. Thank you for this…. “Wagging our tails in blissful gratitude for the latest helping of empty calories dolloped into our mental plates on a daily basis” is a great phrase.

  2. It’s exhausting. I do worry about our nation’s youth (and those not so young) who are taking their cues from reality show “celebrities”. Ugh…

  3. Noah Weiss says:

    Reality TV is such an oxymoron… and to think that so many of these celebrities are supposed role models. BAH!

  4. We all, (KK included) need volunteer at a soup kitchen, or go set up mosquito netting in in sub Saharan Africa. That is reality.

    • Exactly. That’s what makes me so mad – that these ‘stars’ are so lost in their own gorgeous importance, they don’t THINK about the rest of the world (beyond their fans, of course) let alone care. KK alone could probably provide water for most of Africa without even going there.

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