Last night, quite by chance, I watched a documentary (old) about Huang Chuncai – China’s Elephant Man. A young man with facial tumours so severe it was difficult to see a face there at all, and so heavy he had to carry them in order to move around. Poverty and isolation had condemned him to a half-life for 26 years, and for 26 years his family had supported him, cared for him and grieved for his pain, both physical and emotional.

And as I watched, I thought of the Paris terrorists, and I thought You selfish, self-centred, decadent little arseholes. You know nothing. Life for you has been so easy, so cushy, that you’ve had to drum up a ‘cause’ to keep yourselves entertained: become outlaws to make yourselves feel important.

Huang Chuncai has more dignity and more courage in his little finger than they have in their whole organisation.

They might call themselves Muslims, but the Muslim community doesn’t want them. They might claim they’re working for Islam, but Islam condemns killing. They might think they’re big men, but they’re not. They’re little boys hooked on the excitement of belonging to the best-known boys’ club. They’re poseurs.

They’re pathetic.

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4 Responses to IMO

  1. Beth says:

    That’s my take also, Helen (good to see you back now and again!). It’s grandiosity on a truly pathological level, and it IS pathetic to be so needy of total control over everyone and everything – like vicious, self-inflated, know-no-limits little boys. I’ve taken care of several people in the hospital with relatives from these fundamentalist areas of the middle east who came over to be with them during their hospitalization (and they also come over for transplants because they can pay outright – and we give them organs donated by people who probably would NEVER have agreed to that had they known how transplants actually work). Simply explaining to them”sorry, we can’t do what you’re asking because of ,z” produces a flash of murderous anger from them. They seem to have no insight that this is based on seeking excitement and belonging and making themselves feel powerful. Instead, they try to pass it off as religion.

  2. They ARE pathetic. Sadly, that doesn’t make them less dangerous. They are like naughty children … with automatic weapons, no morals, no prohibitions. Like one of Stephen King’s nightmares.

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