Happy Christmas Mr LaPierre

It’s OK, you can relax, nobody’s going to take your guns, the NRA has been vindicated. San Bernardino was an act of terrorism that could have been avoided if partygoers had been armed, and Donald Trump is going to ban Muslims from entering America. The fact that the previous 354 mass shootings this year were not terrorist acts is irrelevant, and pointing it out would be downright small-minded, not to say picky.

Furthermore if you want to live in a society where people take guns to parties and employ armed security guards when two or more are gathered together, what business is it of mine? The fact that such a society fills me with a mixture of horror, rage and grief clearly shows that I am intellectually and emotionally stunted when it comes to the concept of freedom. As is the rest of the Western world.

I suppose at this point I should remove my previous post and promise never to visit the subject again, but it’s against my principles to make promises I can’t promise to keep, so I’m afraid that won’t be happening. The 12,000 plus Americans shot to death this year may not have been my countrymen, but they are my fellow human beings and I am capable of empathy. More than 12,000 families will face Christmas this year without one of their members, sacrificed to the gods of the gun industry so that rich men can get richer.

So here’s a Christmas message for Wayne LaPierre. When you and your family sit down to your lavish Christmas feast having exchanged your lavish gifts, spare a thought for the (conservatively estimated) 50,000 Americans whose Christmases will be a time of grieving for a friend or family member who won’t be there this year or ever again (so that rich men can get richer).

And my Christmas wish for you? May Christmas dinner give you severe and prolonged indigestion.


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4 Responses to Happy Christmas Mr LaPierre

  1. lifelessons says:

    Another good one, Helen!!!

  2. I’ve lived here all my live (minus a decade) and this battle has been going on since before I was born. It will probably still be going on when my granddaughter has granddaughters. There are an awful lot of greedy bastards out there … and more than enough stupid people to keep supporting them. I’m pretty sure most people actually agree with you … but the enormous amount of money used to keep lobbying for guns wins over any degree of common sense.

  3. Apparently the number of people in favour of gun control is dropping. Maybe they’ve just surrendered

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