I try to get my act together but the road is all uphill
And I am old today.
Tomorrow will be better so they say
But how can they
Be sure?
And it wouldn’t really matter if I didn’t have the chatter
Of the dos and don’ts and shoulds that lurk
And niggle from the days when I
Was young and far too dutiful.

How can that be? You think.
A bolshie bird like that was never dutiful.
But there, you see.
I was.
I am.
A shrinking violet, me –
Or possibly a shrinking stink weed but
The outcome is the same.
Rebellion only comes
With printers’ ink.

I have a list with nothing ticked
And every time I turn around
There’s more to add.
I’m very bad.

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12 Responses to Saturday

  1. You are NOT alone. Not by a mile! My list just grows, like the dust on everything.

  2. lifelessons says:

    This one hit a big chord with me, Helen. And actually, I thought of Marilyn–then noticed she beat me to the comment box. It is encouraging to find other with one’s own failings or, let’s not be judgmental here–tendencies. There are just so many interesting things to do in the world that it is HARD to say no. Good for you for slipping out of the yoke.

  3. Relax... says:

    Rebellion, for a woman, almost always means hurting or selling out someone, and so, it seems we rebel only to save lives, minds or spirits — not least of all our own! And.. I’ve ticked off things on many a list, which at my age, all seem minor, now. Ah, well.. there’s always tomorrow!

    • Not too many tomorrows, unfortunately! I have to get this list knocked over before I go to Sydney for Christmas so that when we all come up here on Boxing Day, it’s reasonably presentable. As my mother used to say, ‘we have our pride’!

      • Relax... says:

        Well, I don’t know about you, but I myself have fallen well below anyone’s mother’s standards! Let’s just say I make sure no one sticks to the floors or the tables, and that someone flushed at least once this day. :-p So saying, I think your place should be as presentable as any other authoress’. ;-).

      • My kids wouldn’t judge me for it (unless it’s so bad they think I might be losing the plot!) but the trouble is when anyone’s coming to visit (doesn’t happen often) I take a closer look and I’m the one who doesn’t like it!

  4. “I have a list with nothing ticked
    And every time I turn around
    There’s more to add.”

    Ooh, yes. And I’m not even physically capable of most of it currently anyway (even if I had the inclination). But I plan on enlisting the troops to put me out of my misery on at least some of the worst of it.

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