Ted Cruz is telling you lies about the results of Australia’s gun buyback

In my previous post (about ten minutes ago) I pointed out that however laid-back Australians might appear, we didn’t survive by allowing ourselves to be walked on – and I’m sure as hell not starting now.

Ted Cruz is either abysmally ignorant and incapable of accurate research, or a blatant liar. Whether he rides roughshod over the truth about his own country I have no idea, but he’s not going to do it about mine and get away with it.

The rates of sexual assault in Australia did NOT rise following the 1996 gun buyback, and whether he’s lying or just stupid, he’d better eat his words pretty damn quick. Spouting falsehoods about us does not go down well in this country, particularly when they’re used to further a political agenda that most Australians find ludicrous, not to say sick.

Certainly there’s the odd gun fanatic here who’d like to be armed to the teeth, but the vast majority of Australians are deeply grateful for our gun laws, and never more so than when we see yet another mass shooting in the US or read the truly appalling statistics on US gun deaths: statistics directly attributable to fools like Ted Cruz who clearly consider the gun industry more important than human life.

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13 Responses to Ted Cruz is telling you lies about the results of Australia’s gun buyback

  1. Reblogged this on SERENDIPITY and commented:
    And a voice from down under. Don’t believe the crap those pols spout. They are blatant lies.

  2. Reblogged it on SERENDIPITY. Americans sometimes strike me as both naive in all the wrong ways … and sometimes, just plain stupid. Maybe this will help.

  3. momshieb says:

    So excellent! Thank you! Posting this on FB and Twitter.

  4. Emilio Pasquale says:

    I came by way of Marilyn’s reblog and can’t tell you how disgusted I am with most all of the candidates running for president this year. But especially Trump and Cruz. My wife and I are in complete agreement that if either of them are elected, we will be leaving this country. Maybe we’ll end up in Australia!

    • Thank you for visiting – it’s great to see you here! Australia has its share of appalling pollies, but luckily for us, hopeless leaders can be removed by their own party without an election, as happened to ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott last year. I can recommend Australia as a place to live – far more peaceful than the US I think!

  5. Thank you. I wrote about Trump (again) today. I think it’s time that we speak up, because if not than “stupid” will rule the world. “abysmally ignorant: oh that made me laugh..Thanks for that.

    • I don’t envy you at all. However many people criticise Trump, he seems to go from strength to strength – and it’s not just the US that will suffer. The President of the world’s most powerful nation affects the world.

      • Trump attracts people that normally don’t vote, what is more scary than anything. Sometimes I feel like he get hired from the GOP to fill the gap until the real election will begin. Many of our medias, including CNN, have made him bigger than he is.

        To tell you the truth, I am scared. I was born and raised in Europe (Austria/Italy) I see so many similarities to Hitler, it’s frightening.

  6. Hey there, I’m an American who’s been living in Australia for 3 years now. I’m not at all missing the political smear campaigns going on in the states right now (We just watch democracy now for the progressive news, so as not to waste our time on schmuck’s like Ted Cruz or Trump). There seems to be very little credibility in the politics of many country’s, and it’s not uncommon for blatant lies to be reported as fact and not get called out by major media companies. Another example of this is whenever Universal Health Care starts getting mentioned in the U.S. there are a ton of ads “claiming” it will mean dying in the emergency room waiting for your turn to see a doctor. This is obviously not the case, as is evidenced in Australia every time I need to see a doctor and get it covered by Medicare. Great post.

    • Australia’s credibility certainly hit the doldrums when Tony Abbott was PM, but at least the media saw through him pretty quickly and we managed to get rid of him without bloodshed!
      I really, really don’t understand the US attitude to healthcare, particularly when health providers can overrule doctors about what treatment you get. This seems to me plain scandalous in in a country that claims to lead the world.
      Hope you’re enjoying Australia!

      • Thanks, I am enjoying Australia. I’m really enjoying Australia’s health care too haha. It’s nice to be able to go to a doctor at a moments notice if I’m ill. I’m looking forward to the day when the misinformation being spread in the U.S. gets trampled.

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