Daily prompt: Honourable silence

Evasive Action
What’s the most significant secret you’ve ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

My son is very big on having to kill us if he told us…who shot Charlotte, for example, which means nothing to you but was the big question in the heady world of Australian soaps, cliffhanging for the entire duration of the summer break. Even the actors didn’t know, we were told in the promos (I don’t watch the show) but presumably my son did, as he is one of the writers.

Would it have hurt if he’d told me who shot Charlotte? No one would ever have known. I wouldn’t have spilled the beans on Facebook and killed the suspense of the new season. But he’d have known, and that was enough.

None of which comes from any sense of ego, but a highly developed sense of what I can only call honour – which is a word so outdated I feel almost embarrassed to use it. But far from embarrassed that my son has it.

As for me – for a whole two weeks, I was the only person on earth who knew that both my daughter and my daughter-in-law were pregnant.  And unsurprisingly the truth did come out, in the shape of two gorgeous little girls whose photos I can’t show you because the internet has no sense of honour whatsoever.


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7 Responses to Daily prompt: Honourable silence

  1. samratkel says:

    Brilliantly crafted!! I like the morality and ethical highlighting. Honour is something we should fight for as much as for truth!!

  2. Honor isn’t dead. Just not nearly as popular as it was. Some of us still have it. Not enough, but some.

    • No, it’s not dead, but you hear the word itself so seldom in that context, you have to wonder whether it’s rapidly becoming an underground movement. Which would have its benefits, I suppose. Send it underground and it’s instantly more attractive.

  3. lifelessons says:

    Loved this. And how exciting to have such a successful son… and one who is entrusted with the secrets of the empire!!!

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