Daily prompt: Happiness is…

Toot Your Horn
Most of us are excellent at being self-deprecating, and are not so good at the opposite. Tell us your favorite thing about yourself.

I’m still alive. I think that’s pretty good. It would surprise a few people and all, if they were still around and still capable of being surprised. I can’t claim much credit for it, though. It’s more the luck of the gene pool and my grandmother’s cast-iron constitution.

Making my bed every day is pretty good too. I mean, I don’t have to. No one sees it except me, so if I left it all day exactly as it was when I rolled out of it this morning, nobody would be any the wiser. It might be a nostalgia thing, reminding me of a time long past when I was domestically efficient. Or it might be a piece of subconscious masochism, reminding me of a time long past etc…

But what I like most of all about me at the moment is that I have brown feet. Happiness is brown feet.


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6 Responses to Daily prompt: Happiness is…

  1. Embeecee says:

    Um, should I ask? Brown feet?

    • 🙂 Of course you should ask! (I’m pretty sure half the things I say here go over people’s heads, me being Australian. Wish they’d ask more often!) It’s summer here, I don’t lie in the sun but I’m in the surf most days, never wear shoes, never set out to get a tan. But when I look down and see my feet are brown… Don’t know anyone else who gets such a kick out of having brown feet, but to me, it’s all part of just glorying in the joys of summer.

  2. You are lucky aren’t you? More blessings!

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