Daily prompt: SODOPH – Screen Out Dangers to Peace and Harmony

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

I’m not really bloodthirsty by nature. You might even say I’m boringly peaceable – although I do remember taking a swipe at a classmate out of sheer frustration when I was about 9. She laughed, which is probably why it was my first and last attempt at physical violence.

But I do find myself more and more often in sympathy with Henry ll. Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest! he said (or similar), and four knights of the realm scurried off to smite Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, in the hope of advancing their standing with the king.

It didn’t work. The knights were banished, Becket became a saintly martyr and Henry felt bad about the whole thing, all of which probably contributed to the fact that popping off political troublemakers is no longer de rigueur. But I’d like to recommend an alternative: a method of screening out unsuitable pollies before they acquire enough power to screw up their own countries and possibly the world.

It’s been obvious for a long time – forever, in fact – that we can’t rely on voters to do the screening, even in democratic countries. Pollies have sleeves just bursting with tricks to con, bamboozle and charm their way into hearts and minds you might think should know better.

Instead, it’s my belief that we should form a (small) global council of the best and brightest financial, psychological and socio-political minds in the world (who can be proved to have no political affiliations), tasked with the job of weeding out all those angling for positions of power, whose megalomania, narcissism, paranoia, bigotry, random psychoses or sheer stupidity are a threat to human dignity and world peace. These weeds should then be shuffled off to a far island in the midst of shark-infested seas to fight it out among themselves, bore each other rigid, tear each other to pieces (OMG, imagine all those egos confined in one place!) or moulder slowly away from lack of applause.

I’ve yet to finalise the details of my plan – how they’d be fed etc (parachute drops?) – but I’m happy to nominate the first three candidates for screening.

Donald Trump – obvious

Ted Cruz – it is not sane or seemly for a potential POTUS to demonstrate how to cook bacon on a machine gun

Tony Abbot – deposed Aus PM, don’t ask.

There is only one major problem. Who is sane enough and impartial enough to pick the council members?



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4 Responses to Daily prompt: SODOPH – Screen Out Dangers to Peace and Harmony

  1. Relax... says:

    LOL, well, the council has to elect itself. The council of one, one at a time. We have to go to the rodeo every 4 years, here, and it seems they get rid of the true riders early so that we have to choose from among the clowns. It’s become as dangerous as it is ludicrous, I fear.

  2. For some of them, a simple look in a mirror followed by a SWAT Squad from the fashion police would do the job.

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