Daily prompt: To imcompleteness

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

My life is incomplete. Though I may walk
Through valleys of delight, may shelter in
The warmth of love; though I may know
The wind of freedom in my face
And glory in the sun, the stars; may feel
The gentle rain from heaven; though I may have
All that I desire upon the earth, yet is my life
Still incomplete.

But why? you ask, with such a healthy set
Of positives?
How can it be complete? I ain’t dead, yet.


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: To imcompleteness

  1. That’s the spirit! You tell’em!

  2. Hah! Love this poem! However, after all the eloquent, poetic lines, I must say the “ain’t” comes as a surprise. I like it, though!

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