Daily prompt: What must Byron be thinking?

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

A drop of ink, so Byron said, may make a million think,
But ink’s in short supply, these days (remember good old Quink?)
And all those words that once we might have carefully put on paper
Are whizzing round the ether like so much demented vapour.

And while that makes them instantly available worldwide
And thousands may indeed stop by to read, how many bide
Awhile to pause and think about the wider implication
Of what they’ve read, e’er they rush on to skim the next sensation?

I do admit that trees have benefited by the trend
But Byron must be spinning in his grave: th’ignoble end
To grace and cadence in our language settles like a pall.
Ours is a facile world. We tweet, which really says it all.


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