Daily prompt: Dream a little dream – or in this case, a fairly big one

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

Back in the days when I was raising and supporting four kids on a wing and a prayer, I jettisoned the brain fluff (as you do when the chips are down) and managed to corral the constantly simmering panic for long enough to sort out my ‘goals’ (hate that word and that concept, but sometimes needs must) and stamp them in block caps on my frontal lobe.

The hardest part was getting my mind to shut up. It suffers from verbal diarrhoea at the best of times, and when it’s in a Mood, it can be downright obstructive. But we compromised – it knew it would have plenty of scope later – and what we came up with was very simple. I didn’t want luxury and the high life. I wanted three things: Home – somewhere that was constant instead of living at the whim of landlords (and finding the rent on a place big enough for 5); Security – enough money to stop flying by the seat of my financial pants and face envelopes with windows without having a heart attack; and Freedom – the freedom of having a modicum of choice about what I did or didn’t do.

kate1It took a while but I finally got there, helped considerably by the fact that by then I only needed a place for one, I have minimal interest in material possessions and no interest at all in image. But you learn a lot from times like that, and one of things I learned was that I didn’t want my nearest and dearest to have to go through the same thing.

So what would be a dream come true for me is to be in the position to help all my kids (5 incl. my stepson) to own their own homes mortgage free. Security and freedom they can work for themselves – we all need challenges – but home to me is fundamental: the warm blanket, the ultimate backstop, the stepping-off point for further achievements.

Note to self: buy lottery ticket.

Note to Fate: help me win.


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5 Responses to Daily prompt: Dream a little dream – or in this case, a fairly big one

  1. Relax... says:

    LOL, amen. Here, home ownership even with 30-year mortgages (for our 30-something kids especially) is a lottery-worthy venture nowadays. Well done on your loving life, Helen. No one but you (and God) knows exactly how hard it was and all of what it cost you personally as well as financially to hang in there. But we can guess. As I say.. well done, Helen. 🙂

    • Thanks Carol – although I don’t know that I deserve your ‘well done’. We do what we have to do and regard it as ‘normal’ and I was a lot luckier than some however secure they might have been financially. My kids were (and are) fantastic, and any personal cost is far outweighed by that, and by how much I learned along the way!

  2. Good luck with that lottery ticket 🙂

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